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Rack Products

Alumina 3 Bike Rack Installed

Alumina 3 Bike Rack Intro

Alumina 3 Safety Latch

Dura 4 Bike Rack Overview

Dura 4 Bike Rack Unboxing

Dura Assist 4 Bike Rack Unboxing

Element 4 Bike Rack - How to Adjust Arms

Element 4 Bike Rack Unboxing

Hang5 - Attaching Lower Wheel Strap

Hang5 - Upper Hook Loading

Hang5 In Action

Shuttle Pad Unboxing

Softride Racks: Access Rear of Vehicle with Bikes Loaded


Bike Bumper and SoftWrap Trick

Hang2 bike rack - how to load bikes

How to Adjust Parallelogram Action on a Softride Bike Rack

How to Attach the Straps to the Arms of a Softride Bike Rack

How to Disengage Hydraulic Assist Feature

How to Ease Pin Tension to Lower a Softride Rack

How to Install a 1.25-inch Hitch Bar Adapter

How to install a Bike Bumper Forward or Rear Facing

How to install a Hang5 Rack

How to Install and Align a Hitch Bar Nut Holder

How to Install Anti-Sway Cradle Kit with Rack Arm Attached

How to Install Anti-Sway Cradle Kit with Rack Arm Removed

How to Install Dura Top Plate

How to Install Hitch Bolt and Lock Set

How to Load a Bike onto a Rack using a Top Tube Adapter

How to Load a Kid's Bike onto a Bike Rack

How to Lower A Softride Bike Rack

How to Rearrange Spacers and Blocks on Bike Rack Arms

How to Remove a Pop Rivet

How to remove rack arms (Dura, HD)

How to Remove the Nut Holder from the Hitch Bar

How to Switch Arm Orientation - Element Bike Rack

How to Tighten the Hitch Bolt on a Bike Rack

Kid's Bike Loaded Upside Down on Bike Rack

Strap Comparison - Which Strap Do I Need?

Where the Hang5 detent pin cable goes

Where to find parts in Hang5 box


Anti-Sway Cradle and Strap Kit

Bike Bumper Basics

Extended Hitch Bar

Hitch Bolt and Lock Set for Bike Racks

How to install a Top Tube Adapter

Replacement Nut Holder

Softride Bike Rack Standard Straps

Softride Bike Rack Super Straps

SoftWrap Overview and Yoga Mat Trick

Top Tube Adapter Intro

Two-Bike Arm Set for Element Bike Racks

Universal Hitch Bar Kit Unboxing

Towing Products

Tightening Hitch Pin and Lock - for Towing