79 uses for Softride SoftWrap straps

We include a set of SoftWraps (soft hook and loop straps) with most of our bike racks, with at least one use in mind – to secure the front tire to the bicycle frame to keep it from spinning when transporting it on a bike rack. But customers have come up with many, many different uses. Below is a sampling. How do you use your SoftWraps?

With Bikes:
— Hold the front tire in line so it doesn’t turn and bang into the car trunk
— Use in place of rubber or nylon straps on a bike rack to secure bikes to rack
— Keep tires from spinning and front tire from turning; secures bike tires to stay straight during transport
Softride SoftWraps securing bike tire to frame— Keep bike from moving on a boat (e.g. customer’s bike being stored on a US Navy ship)
— Secure pant leg while riding
— Tie  jacket to handlebar or seat post while riding
— Limit the rotation of the crank arms (pedals) on long trips.
— Prevent the front wheel from spinning in the wind turbulence behind the vehicle.
— Secure pedal to mast of bike rack (with bike bumper) to increase stability over distance in wind
— Color-coordinates or brightens up your bike bumper make a fashion statement)
— Increase visibility of bikes/rack behind the vehicle with bright color for safety
— Secure a water bottle to the frame
— Secure personal belongings to frame/handlebars (jacket, wrist purse)
— Tether a cable lock to the frame
— Attach two together to make a longer strap to accommodate larger size frames or tires
— Protect bike from frame contact with other surfaces (e.g. non-Softride bike racks that might scratch the bike)
— Attach a Softride Bike Bumper to the upright mast of a rack
— Attach a towel to a bike rack if you don’t have a Bike Bumper or a Softride rack and need extra protection
— Secure and cover shoestrings to protect them when riding.
Softride SoftWrap strap securing pant leg during bike commute— Tether a speaker to a bike
— Use a few to attach an object to a bike for transport (a Softride employee rode to work with a large borrowed tool strapped to the bike)
— Secure a light to helmet for night riding
— Great gifts for cycling friends

Beyond Bikes:
— Hold up tall houseplants
— Secures skis or ski poles together
— Carry a few in pack when backpacking for miscellaneous uses
— Keep patio umbrella secured
— Hold cables and cords, and binders for various network-related jobs
— Hold yoga mat rolled up
— Use anywhere in place of bungee cords to avoid potentially scratch surfaces
— Secure flapping straps and seatbelts in open Jeep
— Strap things to a Jeep rollbar
— Hold the top down on a jeep
— Use in classroom to secure equipment so disabled students have more stability
— Wrap around a toddler’s mittens to keep them on in the snow
— Attach D rings to stroller to allow packing more on sides (more storage space on sides)
— Neatly bundle extension cords
— Neatly bundle tie-downs
— Keep on hand in camper or RV to organize and secure gear
— Keep on hand in workshop, to organize and secure gear
— Keep on hand in boat to organize and secure gear
— Fasten items to a wheelchair to keep within easy reach
— Use as a restraining strap for folding canes
— Attach at sleeve wrist to reduce air flow while riding a bike or motorcycle
— Keep garden hoses (water hoses) coiled
— Keep laptop cords tidy
Softride SoftWraps on skis— Attach flash units to poles or deck railings
— Keep excess ratcheting straps tidy when hauling gear
— Mount paddles and oars on garage wall
— Keep trekking poles bound together
— Keep ropes coiled
— Secure or organize camping gear
— Make a DIY padded kayak rack – split a swimming noodle lengthwise and secure on roof rack bar with softwraps
— Attach items to backpack when hiking/camping
— Keep a sleeping bag tightly rolled and cinched
— Use in place of rope and avoid tying and untying knots
— Use as a substitute for a carabiner
— Secure a camper or RV awning while driving or as protection from wind
— Strap a GoPro remote to a wrist
— Attach a safety light for running or riding in the dark
— Tie down fishing rods, paddles, clamming rakes to a roof rack
— Secure a cane or other items to an electric scooter
— Hold orthotics in place on legs
— Hold a gate handle shut (customer solution after a dog learned how to open the gate handle)
— Secure a sheathed knife to a leg when hunting
— Secure ice packs onto injuries
— Keep boxes closed
— hold a small clipboard to an aircraft simulator control yoke
— Keep photography gear together in a bag
— attach modifiers to camera strobes
— organize and secure photography and video gear
— Secure desktop computer equipment in place
— hold down a radar detector on a motorcycle
— Secure a rear view camera display to the mirror
— strap down the cushions on our outdoor furniture to keep secure in wind
— Secure a tripod to a backpack
— Tie a beach umbrella to a beach chair
—Secure motorcycling armor in place – mainly in the knee area, to avoid armor sliding down when walking
— Secure and store travel trailer table supports

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